How does your morning routine affect your day?

Do you stumble out of bed in the morning and let the day control you?

Have you ever thought how a solid morning routine can set you up for the day and improve many areas in your life?

The first 30 minutes of your morning can affect the rest of your day – either good or bad.

We all know what it’s like when you wake up late, you’re rushing around trying to get the kids and yourself ready, have to rush to eat breakfast, and get out the door! You barely have time to get your thoughts together… let alone actually achieve anything before you leave the house, and the rest of your day feels off. You spend the entire day playing catch up and have that stressed, out of control feeling inside and you never truly feel in charge of the day.

What about those days when you wake up that bit earlier and have time for a coffee, a shower, a chance to get a small task done in peace before the kids are up, maybe even a walk and listen to a podcast? Those are the days where you feel focused and smash all the tasks on your to-do list 🙌🏻. You’re in control; of work, exercise, even your food choices.

Those first 30 minutes of your day can get your head in the right place and put you in charge of YOUR day…or leave you running around trying to play catch up.

This year I have been reading books and lots on self development, habits and routines. It is clear that most successful businessmen/women and entrepreneurs have morning routines and rituals, which set themselves up for the day and get their minds fully focused and switched on. The more I’m reading the more I realise that this can benefit anyone:

Here’s how your morning routine COULD look:

  • You wake up (and don’t press snooze 😜)
  • Make yourself a cup of tea/coffee ☕️
  • Sit somewhere comfortable and quietly with no distractions (and do not look at your phone 😉👊🏻 or the TV)
  • Meditate if you wish ☮️
  • Say out loud or write down 3 things you are grateful for (focusing on gratitude puts you in a positive mood and mindset) ❤️
  • Write down the things you must get done that day – be realistic and keep this short, so you actually achieve what you set out to do 🖊 📒
  • Get outside (for your walk, or just to stand on your decking or in your garden). This is a great time to listen to an audiobook or podcast – fill your brain with useful, positive information rather than scrolling through social media 🚶🏼‍♀️☀️
  • Shower and get ready for the day

You may not include all of these but you get the idea…. get in control of your mornings and see how your days and your mood changes😁…..

  • Allow yourself time but don’t waste it.
  • Achieve a small task before you leave the house – making your bed is a great one!
  • Write a to do list, but don’t make it too long.
  • Move your body and get some fresh air if possible.

As well as feeling super organised, focused and in control of your day, having a morning routine will have a positive affect on your health and fitness. You will feel more likely to:

  • Go and exercise – you will have more free time now. A morning routine means you are more than likely to get your jobs done before you leave work or collect the kids from school, meaning you won’t want to crash on the sofa in the evening!
  • Be active during the day because you will feel more energised with that ‘get up and go’ feeling. Meaning you are more likely to hit your 10,000 steps goal 😉
  • Prep your food, plan your meals and just be generally more organised and mindful when it comes to food choices.
  • Go to bed earlier – which means you will get more sleep, and not be rushing to get things done late at night or scrolling social media. In turn leading to getting up earlier the next day and starting this positive routine again! The domino affect 😁🙌🏻

Maybe its time you create a morning routine that sets you up for the day?