What gets measured, gets managed.

What gets measured, gets managed.


I love this saying because itโ€™s so true.

If you stop and think of one particular thing you would like to make progress with or that you are currently trying to make progress with, how do you know you if are actually progressing? ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ


If you are not measuring this then you are winging it. Itโ€™s ok though, we all do this.


But to seriously improve on anything in life, or to โ€˜level upโ€™ itโ€™s important we make a plan, set goals and measure the steps we are making in order to really get to where you want to be.


Here are two things I have been trying to progress over the past 1-3 months in my life:

  1. My physique
  2. Reading books


Letโ€™s look at the number 1; My physique, basically I wanted to get back in control of my training and nutrition as I had been slacking (especially the nutrition part) and drop my body fat levels. So my goals were to commit to a training plan and diet for 8 weeks.Areas that needed to be measured were my weight and taking weekly progress photos. I set out a training plan and then planned my workouts into my diary, so I had no excuses not to do them. I had a diet to follow and would log down EVERYTHING I ate and drank.For the 8 weeks I had a daily checklist of what I needed to get done, preparing my meals, hitting my daily step count, completing my workout.Then at the end of the week I would check my weight and take my photos. Those small daily tasks that were now being measured and managed were adding up to wins. PROGRESS.

But youโ€™re a trainer, you should be able to do that, true! But I wasnโ€™t doing these things so I went back to the drawing board and began to measure and manage my workouts and nutrition. And it worked ๐Ÿ˜„


Number 2. Reading books. Hands up, I have never been into reading. Unless it was a training article or textbook, I had no interest. But over the last 6 months Carly and I have been taking part in a business course and a big part of the course is about self development,ย something I had never really gave much thought. From day 1 our mentor was recommending a number of self development books that would bring lots of value to me. However I donโ€™t read, itโ€™s boring, Iโ€™m a slow reader, the information doesnโ€™t go in. At least thatโ€™sย what Iโ€™d tell myself, EXCUSES.

So I bought a book and I set myself a goal, to read everyday for 30 minutes. I heard on a podcast that if you read one chapter everyday for a year you can get through 30 books! I started well and have since read 3 books, so Iโ€™m well off the pace. But Iโ€™ve takenย lots from these books and I actually now enjoy reading ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. But I know I need to commit to reading more, I need to get back to measuring this. So I have set a reminder to look at my diary for the week ahead and plan in 30 minutes of reading into my day. I know that if I am measuring how and when I am reading I can manage this far better.


What things would you like to make progress on with your health and fitness?

How are you measuring the actions needed to help you to achieve your goals?


I canโ€™t tell you how often someone will tell me they are not losing weight yet they eat healthy.ย When I ask them what have you ate this week? They donโ€™t know.ย So the first step would be to get that person to keep a food and drink diary. This way I can see exactly what they have been eating and can start to manage their eating habits and really see whatโ€™s going on. Try it yourself, for 7 days, keep a food and drink diary then you can see whatโ€™s really going on and where you can begin to make improvements.


Another really simple area to manage is your daily step count. Either by using a fitness watch such as a fitbit or simply using your smartphone. By measuring how active you are each day and trying to increase your daily step count towards 10,000 steps you could be making a big step towards being more active i.e. burning more calories, just from walking around more day to day.

So if you are wanting to lose weight and you are stuck for things to manage, start by measuring what you eat and drink for a week by writing it down. Along with measuring your daily step count for the week. Then you can begin to manage these two areas!

Remember, what gets measured, gets managed.


Mike and Carly.