5 confidence building tips

Are you someone who is completely comfortable and confident in your own skin? OR do you wish you had more confidence?

Confidence increase’s when we have proof of an action.

If you play an instrument regularly – then you have proof you are a musician.

If you train at the gym regularly – you have proofย you exercise.

However, confidence within ourselves; our self esteem needs to be something we work on. Check out ourย confidence building tips to help you shine like the star you are!


  1. Just get started –ย The hardest part is getting started. We can all at times avoid things we know we need to get better at. But without actually stating to do them you will never improve. We hear it all the time (for example) ‘I’m not a runner’ – and our advice; just get your trainers on and do WHAT YOU CAN, put one foot in front of the other. Making a start is the hardest part, from then you will gain some momentum. We can help spark motivation but you need to do the work. Once you start seeing results and small wins, your confidence in the thing you once ‘couldn’t do;’ will grow ๐Ÿ™‚


2. ย Youย won’t live foreverย – life flies before our eyes very quick. If you have children like me, then you will understand that time seems to go even faster. Ask yourself what life you want to live? What do you want to achieve? How do you want to feel? Let these questions drive you and sometimes you just have to say….

‘Sod it’

‘Go for it’ย 

and pee into then wind (or whatever they say)

Whats the worst that can happen?


3. ย Ignore theย opinions of others –ย Your friends, family and colleagues will always ask you why.

Why are you eating that healthy meal at lunch in the office?

Why are you going to the gym after work?

First they will ask you why you are doing these things, and once you (and they can) start seeing results they will be asking you HOW you did it.

Realise that people will always have an opinion, and alot of the time it is because they aren’t prepared to do the work you are ๐Ÿ’ช


4. ย Small wins equal confidence –ย When looking to improve your health and fitness, a lot of people think they need to change their whole lifestyle and after a week or 2 it can become overwhelming and unsustainable.

At The Body Goals Plan we encourage our members to implement a small positive daily habit, something they can fit into their day with ease.

If you are looking to lose some body fat, maybe start by introducing 10,000 steps a day. Ensure you are hitting these everyday. This small CONSISTENT habit will start to get you results and changes physically, this will then lead to another consistent implemented habit, and moving forward your confidence in what you are doing will grow.


5.ย Unfollow on Social Media –ย If you scroll through your newsfeeds and are left with any negative feeling whatsoever – then go and unfollow those accounts. Social media has the power to benefit our lives or detriment it. Use social media to learn or bring positivity into your life – not to bring you down.