How to get back on the workout bandwagon

How to get back on the workout bandwagon.

We’ve all been there, our healthy habits and exercise have taken a back seat even though you promised yourself this time will be different. Your good intentions were there at one point.

Think New Year resolutions, dry January, meat-free Mondays… or any plan / challenge you have joined before.

Of course, when it comes to health and fitness, best intentions can come undone when work, holidays, illness or injury knock you off track.

If you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon and are struggling to keep at your weekly training routine it’s important not to beat yourself up. Because you are definitely not the only one.

Research has shown most people’s New Year resolutions start unravelling by January 12 – also known as “Quitter’s Day”. By June half have given up completely.

While 1/3 of people who buy fitness apps never download them and of those who do, only 5% continue to use them after 30 days.

What can you do to change this now?

For us it all starts with one thing……..

Finding your why!

Your why? What do we mean by this? Most people start a weight loss or heath journey with very little thought into why they are starting. Often people will say ‘I just want to lose some weight’ or ‘I need to drop a few pounds for a holiday’. But that’s as far as their thought process goes.

If you spend some time to dig deeper into your thoughts, you can attach real emotions and feelings as to what it would mean to you to change.

Can you visualise a healthier, slimmer, fitter you? If you take the time to think about this it can be a very powerful tool. We recommend you write down on paper what the new you would look and feel like.

Is the new you wearing different clothes?

Are they not trying to cover up?

Do they have more body confidence?

Are they less stressed?

Are they happier?

You can then dig a little deeper into the emotions of the new you. For example, how would the healthier, slimmer more body confident you feel about a summer holiday?

  • Are they enjoying shopping for new holiday clothes more?
  • Are they less anxious about wearing swimwear?

These types of feelings can cause people a lot of anxiety and stress when the thought of a holiday should be a happy, exciting feeling.

This may all sound rather deep but if you can search inside your thoughts and attach real feelings and emotions then you will find your WHY! And it will be far more powerful than ‘I just want to lose some weight’.

Of course you are going to have ups and downs on your fitness journey but once you have your why, you can remind yourself of why your are really on your journey. Which will get you back on the wagon damn sure quicker than you did previously!

So take your time and find your why.

It’s a big part of what we do on The Body Goals plan, yes we have home workouts, yes we have a nutrition plan, lovely recipe ideas, the best coaches 😉 plus loadssss more……BUT when a new member signs up they are asked to fill in our questionnaire and we then book a phone call in with them. We help our new members find out why they have joined us, we find out what they really need help with. We help them to find out their own ‘why’ to give them a more powerful connection to their goals.

If you would like any help finding your own ‘why’ and to start your own weight loss journey then click here to get started.

We hope to see you soon

Mike and Carly