How to keep the kids and your waistline happy during half term

Schools out for half term. For some parents this is great, getting to spend some quality time with the kids, seeing friends, fun family activities together or just lazy mornings watching films in your pjs. But for some parents school holidays can be a stressful time, especially when you are trying to stay healthy and active.

Whether you are currently trying to be active and follow a healthy diet or if you are wanting to start your weight loss journey dont worry we have you covered.

We have the solution to the problems you may face during the school holiday.

How and when am I going to exercise?

The kids being off tends to mean that they will like a lay in, who doesn’t! This the perfect time to get up and get moving downstairs while the kids are snoozing.

Having the kids off may mean you can’t get to the gym or your favourite class, disaster! Nope, this is the chance to try out a home workout and still get that feel good feeling getting a sweat on. If you don’t want to scroll through youtube for a workout then head to our youtube channel for some fun home workouts, you’re welcome.

What if the kids get up super early though?

Get them involved! Once they see mum or dad jumping around the front room they are going to want to join in. Chances are they will love joining in with you.

How do I eat healthy when I’m out for the day?

Keeping the little ones entertained will mean fun family days out. Most likely you will be heading to soft play, the cinema, theme parks, adventure playgrounds, museums etc. All great fun but you know the food choices there aren’t going to be the best (that’s putting it nicely).

So you need to get organised

  • If you know you will only be out for a couple of hours, then have a healthy meal before you head out, take a healthy snack with you to tide you over if you need to.
  • Research where you are going first. If you’re out for the day find out which restaurants are close by. Restaurants will have their menu on their website so you can choose where best to eat before you get there.
  • Pack a lunch box. The kids love a packed lunch so join them and take your own, this way you are in control of what you are eating, not relying on pre made meals from shops on the go.

How can I keep active with the kids?

If the weather is good then head outdoors with them for activities such as:

  • Bike or scooter rides.
  • Long country walks.
  • Water activities such as hiring a pedalow or rowing boat.
  • Outdoor activity centres for climbing.
  • A day out at the park.

Bad weather indoor options such as:

  • Swimming
  • Indoor climbing centres
  • Roller / ice skating
  • Raves, Yep you read that correct, you can go clubbing in the day, with the kids. These are popping up all round the uk now. Carly took the kids to a drum n bass themed kids and parents party and LOVED it!

Another option the kids love is cooking at home. Why not swap chocolate cakes for a healthy meal you know they will enjoy eating. You can make their favorite meals together at home and stay on your diet with meals such as:

  • Burgers
  • Pizza’s
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Pasta dishes

The list is endless, making their favourite meals, from scratch with healthy fresh ingredients will be fun for the kids, keeps you on plan & can be something you can do together.

So there’s no need to worry about the school holidays affecting your weight loss plans, it just takes some planning and getting organised. We hope you try some of our ideas out and enjoy the school holidays.

Mike and Carly